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Choosing a New Responsive Website Theme: 4 Questions

Choosing a New Responsive Website Theme: 4 Questions

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Choosing a New Responsive Website Theme: 4 Questions

Designing a new real estate website from scratch is costly and time consuming. Luckily, there are tons of existing themes out there that you can use as a foundation for your new site. But before you forge ahead with one, here are a few questions to ask:

Will the theme accommodate your custom design elements?

Be sure to choose a site theme that will allow you to promote your brand via a custom banner, logo, color scheme, or style profile. A good responsive theme will have a header that adjusts to the size of the device, allowing you to tweak your branding elements while keeping them prominently displayed.

What feedback have you received on your current design?

A new theme won’t do you much good if it doesn’t meet your clients’ needs and desires. Consider polling your current customers about your existing site. Which aspects and features do they like? Which could they do without? What would they like to see in the future? Will your new theme allow you to implement this feedback? Etc.

What kind of content will be featured?

Some themes are suited to web pages that are primarily heavy on text. Others are better for image- and video-heavy sites. Before you settle on a theme for its looks, think about how you’ll plug yourself into it. Are property listings and photos your focus, or do articles and guides take center stage? Is this theme optimized for that?

How technologically advanced is the theme?

A theme that looks straightforward on the outside may have a lot going on under the hood–and plugging your site content into that framework could pose extra challenges. Plus, a small change down the road could have a major impact on your site’s functionality. Before you commit, think about your comfort level and experience with coding and design work.

For more questions to consider when choosing a new responsive theme for your real estate website, check out our free eBook below: Responsive Design for the Real Estate Industry: How to Choose a Mobile Theme That Drives Sales.

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