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Real Estate Marketing Basics Bootcamp: Customer Personas


By Craig LeBlanc




Day 1: Identify Your Target Customer Personas

Day 2: Design Your Website for Your Audience

Day 3: Connect Your Website with Your CRM

Day 4: Optimize Each Page for Lead Conversion

Day 5: Build a Comprehensive Content Library

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Getting started is often the hardest part of real estate marketing. Even the most tech-savvy REALTORS® and top producers will admit they run into roadblocks with website optimization, content creation, and email automation from time to time.

This is nothing to stress over, though. Why? Well, for starters, no one has a “perfect” digital strategy. Secondly, there are many free resources available online — including this one!

To help agents like you grow their businesses online, we created this 5-Day Real Estate Marketing Basics Bootcamp. Each day you will be given a topic overview, a short video tutorial, and one quick homework assignment that will get your online marketing gears going.

Digital marketing can seem intimidating, but sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. From how to identify your buyer personas to ways you can optimize your real estate website for lead generation, our Bootcamp will help you understand beginner concepts and get going with a few easy tasks.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

real estate marketingToday’s lesson on customer personas can help you figure out:

  • The types of content that resonate with your customers: This could be blog posts featuring news and housing tips, resources around real estate stats and insights, videos that spotlight the community and your company.
  • The devices they use to consume said content: Do they spend most of their time on smartphones and tablets? Or are they glued to their laptops or desktops to get info about area agents and the market?
  • The mediums they use to research: Some buyers and sellers love using social media (including and especially Facebook) to discover top listings and agents nearby, while others prefer email newsletters.

Here’s one positive outcome that you may see from following today’s lesson:

  • Let’s say you often target home sellers of relatively low-value properties (say, $250,000 or less) in and around your particular market.
  • However, you find that, after closing a few of these deals over a couple of months, you’re unable to get much commission from them.
  • This is a sign you should try to find sellers with higher-value residences to boost your bottom line — meaning a new persona is needed.

Watch our Day 1 lesson on customer personas below, then use our quick homework

A customer (or buyer) persona is a profile that you create based on the clients you most often represent; or would like to attract to your business.

If you work with a wide range of sellers, for instance, you should build several personas that map to their most dominant traits, behaviors and preferences. Here are a few examples of what this looks like in action:

real estate marketing

No detail is too small when crafting customer personas for your real estate marketing. In fact, the more detailed you are with them, the better off you’ll be.

However, it’s not just about the “who” when developing your personas. It’s also about the other four “W”s:

  • Where they tend to find the information they’re looking for online
  • When they typically use the web, research listings and agents
  • Why they decide to go with certain representation over others
  • What qualities they want in an agent or listing they pursue

In other words, one half of your customer personas should cover the common characteristics of your standard client, while the other half should include the traits that define how you connect with them.

We live in the Age of Information. Brands of all kinds use consumer data to enhance their marketing messaging, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t apply to real estate professionals.

As your career evolves and you decide to target different types of clients, your personas will likely change, so be aware that you may need to run through this exercise again over the next 4-6 months.


1. Take stock of past clients you’ve worked with (and/or the niche kind of customer you’d like to attract, if you’re a new agent) to build your first round of customer personas.

2. Make a list of the common threads of these individuals — how they perceive agents, their demographic info, etc. — so you have their wants and needs documented.

3. Create one fully formed persona that best matches the clientele you want to work with. This is the person you will create most of your marketing materials for.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore how you can design your real estate website with your customer personas in mind.

We’ll see you on Day 2!


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