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5 Property Inspection Apps for Your Tablet or Smartphone

5 Property Inspection Apps for Your Tablet or Smartphone

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5 Property Inspection Apps for Your Tablet or Smartphone

While there are plenty of great apps out there for displaying property information and marketing your listings to consumers, the Realtor’s toolbox is pretty light when it comes to all the other tasks that come with the job. Consequently, many agents stick to the old-fashioned clipboard or general note-taking apps like Evernote when it comes to property inspections.

There are, however, a few worthwhile apps built for this purpose. Here are five of them.

property inspection app for iPad

Happy Inspector (iPad)

Price: $2.99/inspection or $49/month

Unique to Happy Inspector is a special “agent-only” section, which records reminders, warnings, or details agents should remember for their next visit to the property (i.e., “beware of dog”).

Happy inspector also automatically takes note of when you begin and end every inspection, and even provides a field for recording the property’s water meter. $49 gives you 5 GB of storage and up to 3 devices.

The downside? Happy Inspector is an iPad-only application.

property inspection app for iPhone

Tap Inspect (iPhone)

Price: $60/month

Tap Inspect allows you to describe problems easily and make one-touch recommendations for fixing them, with options like “qualified contractor should inspect and repair as needed.”

You can also use Tap Inspect to snap photos directly from your iPhone camera, which are automatically resized and placed into the final report.

Finally, you can save reports as PDF files, publish on the web and share with clients via a secure link. Tap Inspect will then send you a notification once clients have accessed those reports.

property inspection app for iPad

Prop2GO (iPad)

Price: $9.99/month

One of the cheapest options on this list, Prop2GO offers all the standard one-touch evaluation tools as the expensive options and includes some other great extras.

Once you’ve finished rating each feature of your property from “New” to “Replace or Repair,” Prop2GO uses a formula to assign the property a numerical score, which can then be compared either to prior inspections or other properties.

Prop2GO also allows you to provide the estimated cost of any problems or issues you find over the course of your inspection.

Prop2GO is also available solely on the iPad.

property inspection app for iPhone

Field Agent (iPhone)

Price: 5 credits free; $1 or less for each additional credit

Another cheap property inspection app, Field Agent allows you to purchase “credits” through the App Store, each redeemable for an inspection report. The more credits you purchase, the lower the unit price.

In addition to being affordable, Field Agent offers compatibility with Dropbox and customizable inspection forms to eliminate unnecessary white space.

Best of all, Field Agent allows you to annotate your property photos and overlay photos from past inspections for easy comparison.

property inspection app for iPhone and Android

SnapInspect (iPhone, Android)

Price: $65/month

The only app on this list that’s compatible with Android devices, SnapInspect offers many of the same basic features as the rest of the apps on this list plus a few extras: unlimited cloud storage, custom branding, and one-click bulk property importing, to name a few. You also have a choice of formats for your reports: PDF or Word. Unfortunately, depending on the size of your business, SnapInspect is pretty expensive: $65 buys you one user account and up to 150 properties.

Use a property inspection app we haven’t covered? Tell us about it in the comments.

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