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I feel like Placester is the perfect combination of being user friendly by offering starting points with well-crafted designs and allowing for a nice touch of flexibility to truly represent our brand.

Katie Clancy
Team Lead, The Cape House Team
Customer Profile

The Cape House Team is a real estate team located in Yarmouth Port, MA 📍! Since 2018, Katie Clancy and her team have utilized Placester to put their creative expertise on display 🎥 🎤. The Cape House Team has built an online presence that stands out to visitors from the second they land on their Placester website 💻.

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The Cape House Team Success Story

The Cape House Team is a 5-member real estate team servicing the Cape Cod Bay area outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Team Leader of The Cape House Team, Katie Clancy, is also known for her success as a certified real estate mentor, coach, and speaker. Katie and her team have implemented popular content marketing strategies to truly stand out in a competitive residential real estate landscape.

When I was getting started, I couldn't afford to bring someone in to help me design a website and I knew this was going to be something I had to do myself. I was able to accomplish this with Placester and the platform has seamlessly scaled with me as my team has grown!

Katie Clancy, Team Lead
Meet Katie

Prior to becoming a Placester customer in 2018, Katie was admittedly intimidated by the idea of having to create a real estate website or, even worse, overpay a developer to build one for her team. Once introduced to Placester, Katie's entire mindset shifted and, shortly thereafter, was launched. Placester was able to take the guesswork out of deciding where to get started and offered Katie a library of designs that fit The Cape House Team brand.

Other important launch items like integrating IDX for listings and enhanced blog capabilities to feature video content were things that Katie and The Cape House Team would soon take full advantage of. Katie was not only able to successfully build her very own real estate website, but consistently receives positive feedback from her clients regarding both the aesthetically pleasing design and ease of use when navigating the site.

The one thing that I don't have a lot of is time. So Placester saves me in many ways because it's efficient, but also because the website is beautiful. My site makes me look like a rockstar!

Katie Clancy, Team Lead
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Able to accomplish more with less

With Placester, The Cape House Team has created an immense amount of value for their business online. While Katie once thought that she would have to sacrifice a significant amount of time or money to have a beautiful website, Placester has helped prove that theory wrong. As her team has expanded, so has their individual usage of the Placester platform. No need for developers. No need for custom code. The Cape House Team can let the creative juices flow and they don't have to do so at the expense of dedicating time to what matters most – selling homes for their amazing real estate clients.

The overall feel of the Placester experience

The website is obviously a crucial part to The Cape House Team/Placester relationship, but Katie points to the value that has been provided along the way as what has kept her using the platform. The long-term management of a real estate website is crucial to making sure it continues to serve as a valuable asset. Katie's ability to have access to resources via the Placester Academy or quick follow-ups from the Product or Support team have been key to her continued success with Placester. In addition to this, The Cape House Team recently looked to Placester and the On-Demand services team to assist with the redesign and successful launch of their new Codeless website. At the end of the day, The Cape House Team knows with absolute certainty they can rely on Placester to help build their real estate business online.

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