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Placester has become an invaluable tool that our brokerage and agents utilize almost every day. The overall flexibility of the product enables all of our agents to easily find ways for it to add value to their business.

Chance Brown
Broker/Owner, CB&A Realtors
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CB&A Realtors is a 200+ agent real estate brokerage located in Texas and provides services throughout the Greater Houston Area 📍! Since 2017, the CB&A brand has provided value to their agents with individual websites 💻 and scaled their recruitment efforts with the Placester platform 🤝. The CB&A approach to real estate is predicated on building lasting relationships and providing an unmatched level of service.

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The CB&A Realtors Success Story

At CB&A Realtors, the ampersand mark stands for much more than just a brand logo. The ampersand represents a partnership for future growth - with agents, clients, and the communities they are fortunate enough to serve. With a brokerage comprised of 200+ agents, CB&A believes in an increased level of service and satisfaction to solidify partnerships with their clients. Beyond that, they stand firm in their belief that they have a responsibility to the communities they work in by providing sustained growth and vitality. At CB&A, partnerships are taken very seriously and the ampersand promise is a representation of the future and what's to come. Wherever the next move is, CB&A wants to be the one guiding you there.

As our brokerage continues to expand into new markets where we currently do not have a presence, Placester gives us peace of mind knowing that their product can continue to scale with us along the way.

Chance Brown, Broker/Owner
Meet Chance

Prior to becoming a Placester customer in 2017, Chance Brown, Broker/Owner of CB&A Realtors, was on the cusp of making the transition from a franchise broker to launching his very own start-up brokerage. Upon launch, Chance quickly arrived at a crossroad that many brokers come to at some point - determining how to allocate budget towards the right technology solutions. To be forthright, Chance emphasized that at that point in time he was not entirely sold on the value-add he could provide with brokerage and/or agent websites.

Fast forward to present day, CB&A Realtors now utilizes Placester as their brokerage website solution and creates immense value for each and every one of their agents by offering an individual Placester website to assist with lead generation and brand identity. Not to mention, the value Placester provides in CB&A's recruiting efforts as they continue to expand into new markets.

Initially, I felt that our brokerage only needed to have a website solution as a recruiting tool. Truth be told, Placester has evolved into significantly more than just an excellent solution to recruit agents. As a brokerage, it has given us an incredible web presence and, more importantly, has provided our agents with a platform to express themselves.

Chance Brown, Broker/Owner
About CB&A Realtors

Offering tools that make a difference

The real estate market is saturated with tools that over-promise and under-deliver for brokerages and agents. Placester focuses on offering a solution that can act as the central hub of any real estate business and exceed expectations. CB&A Realtors is able to seamlessly create content, showcase new listings, and highlight specific areas on their Placester website(s) that can then be featured via CRM drip email and SMS campaigns. Chance points to very specific use cases, like creating targeted campaigns in a CRM to drive traffic to a Placester website, as something that truly makes Placester a difference maker for his brokerage. CB&A Realtors is constantly evolving with the real estate market and applying new marketing tactics, so having the ability to take advantage of Placester's commitment to product enhancements is an absolute must in executing long-term strategies.

Product adoption and support

The journey to scaling a real brokerage to more than 200+ agents, in multiple offices, is no easy feat. At a certain threshold, introducing new systems and technologies becomes increasingly difficult as a higher agent count presents more barriers. CB&A Realtors has implemented Placester as an integral part of their agent onboarding process to assist with adoption and ensure that agents understand the importance of their Placester website. In addition to this, Chance views the Placester support team as a huge reason for product adoption and retention. In instances where the CB&A Realtors staff can't resolve a website related issue or answer a question, the team has full confidence in directing their agents to Placester support.

Simplicity is a deciding factor

Without question, ease of use is one of the key factors to CB&A Realtors decision to choose, and continue using, the Placester platform. Chance bases the ultimate selling point around the fact that you do not have to be a web designer or expert to setup a beautiful Placester website. CB&A Realtors understands their agent demographic and their capacity for technology. At the end of the day, Chance states it very clearly that "the easier a product is to use, the more likely an agent is to utilize it and gain value from it."

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