Buy Sell Love Chicago built a content marketing hub using Placester

The flexibility of the Placester platform enables our team to easily create and publish evergreen content that we can then proactively send out to create engagement and constantly educate on important real estate information.

Shay Hata
Team Lead, Buy Sell Love Chicago
Customer Profile

Buy Sell Love Chicago is a 10+ member real estate team located in Chicago, IL 🌆! Since 2016, the Buy Sell Love Chicago Team, led by Shay Hata, has found creative ways 💡 to provide value using educational real estate content that is published to their Placester website 📝 and continuously utilized in every aspect of their business.

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The Buy Sell Love Chicago Success Story

The Buy Sell Chicago team is a 10+ member real estate team servicing the Chicago, Illinois area. Team Leader of The Buy Sell Love Chicago Team, Shay Hata, is also a nationally recognized real estate speaker and coach. Shay and her team pride themselves on delivering a service that educates consumers about important real estate topics and, in turn, properly guides them through a successful real estate transaction.

We are able to leverage our 3rd party CRM in a way that we could have never imagined after pairing it up with Placester. We continuously focus on driving visitors to custom landing pages, blog posts, and area search pages in an effort to provide constant value to our networks.

Shay Hata, Team Lead
Meet The Team

After becoming a Placester customer in 2016, Shay Hata and the Buy Sell Love Chicago Team immediately began to lay the foundation for an extremely strong online web presence. The process of incorporating content creation as part of a marketing strategy does not just happen overnight. Now, years later, the team has created a hub that hosts hundreds of important pieces of content that can attract new website visitors with area information and search results, educate current clients on important matters relating to the buying and/or selling side of a real estate transaction, and increase valuable touch points to reconnect with past clients with market intel and statistics.

We make it a top priority to discuss current real estate matters, inform on what to expect in the real estate buying/selling process, and so much more. The quality of our content is what truly brings it altogether.

Shay Hata, Team Lead
Buy Sell Love Chicago Blog

Creating content that matters

With Placester, the 10+ member real estate team of Buy Sell Love Chicago has put their expertise front and center. Upon arrival to their website, visitors don't have to look far to discover an extensive list of buying and selling resources – and we aren't talking about generic content that any average Realtor out there can just copy and paste. Shay and her team have dedicated time and energy to creating resources like a buyer resource guide to finding an estimate of closing costs, a seller breakdown of who pays for what at closing, and important things to know when buying or selling a home during COVID-19. The list goes much deeper than just these topics, and the Buy Sell Love Chicago website is packed with resourceful landing pages, downloadable guides, and important blog posts everywhere you click.

Building the machine

This is where it all comes together for Buy Sell Love Chicago. Sure, it's an incredible feat to have produced so much content and have it published throughout their website. It is when Shay and her team utilize this content within drip campaigns in their 3rd party CRM that they maximize its potential. Let's say a member of the team has captured a new buyer lead – Buy Sell Love Chicago has carefully crafted their processes so that this buyer lead will be seamlessly directed over time to helpful buyer articles/resource guides and area search pages with area information and up to date listings on their Placester website. The content that is being created serves a purpose well beyond how many people it initially reaches and it truly has an everlasting impact. You could say that Shay Hata and her team have set the bar incredibly high and what they have built, they have built exceptionally well.

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