Atoka Properties gets marketing superpowers after migrating to Placester

We have everything we need with Placester and there isn’t any other way that our brokerage could be accomplishing so much. It has really been a complete game changer for us.

Shayla Body
Creative Director, Atoka Properties
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Atoka Properties is a 60+ agent indie real estate brokerage located in Middleburg, VA 📍! Since 2016, the Atoka brand has maximized their potential with Placester 📈 by building their brokerage presence online and offering individual websites to agents to assist with agent branding and recruiting 🙌.

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The Atoka Properties Success Story

Atoka Properties is a 60+ agent indie real estate brokerage servicing Virginia and West Virginia. From hunt country to the suburbs and every town in between, Atoka Properties' approach to real estate is this: simply better. With an internal team comprised of four staff members, Atoka provides agency style marketing sevices to all of their agents to help them stand out in a highly competitive market.

Placester has been essential for us in our growth because it provided us a starting point. They gave us a brokerage website and individual agent sites, all of which shared a completely cohesive look, and access to a top-notch support team that continues to assist our brokerage in a way that we could not do alone.

Blake Showalter, Operations & Client Relations Director
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Prior to becoming a Placester customer in 2016, Atoka was on the search for something that offered seamless design capabilities, powerful integrations, and consistency throughout. When there are only so many hands on deck and not enough hours in the day, maximizing efficiency is key to sustaining a successful business model. With Placester, Atoka is able to easily manage all of their agents from within one dashboard, apply website edits on the fly using Codeless, and utilize powerful integrations like Zapier. And when all else fails, Atoka knows they have access to On-Demand to hire creative experts to get tasks done for them (without breaking the bank). Placester checks all of the boxes for Atoka and enables them to save time and energy that they can reallocate to other areas of the business.

The Codeless website editor offers flexible features that allow us to place things exactly where we want them to be, apply our brokerage colors throughout, and so much more. The ability to customize with Placester is absolutely essential for us.

Shayla Body, Creative Director
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Become a local resource

With Placester, the indie brokerage has unlocked its digital potential. They have focused on crafting a visitor experience that provides value, thus generating leads within their marketplace in return. By using Placester to provide buyer/seller guides and important market snapshots, they've built a strategy to driving website traffic and establishing their presence as a reliable resource.

A huge value add for recruiting (and retention)

Of course, we all know how important it is to sell your brokerage when it comes to recruiting. But not so fast, having the tools to retain your agents is equally as important to the big picture. When it comes to this, Atoka just gets it. They not only provide each of their agents with a Placester website, but they understand the potential of the product itself and push their agents to use it to their advantage. Whether it's support on how to use the Placester CRM, making website edits with Codeless, or hiring done for you services with On-Demand, Placester acts as an extension of the Atoka brand.

A seriously powerful tool, at a really affordable price

Beyond all of the seamless design customizations, feature-rich content capabilities, and so much more, Atoka points to the immense value proposition that they have being a Placester customer. Not only has being a Placester customer resulted in Atoka scaling their brokerage over time, but it has helped save them time and energy that they would have otherwise had to dedicate elsewhere.

There really isn’t anything out there quite like it. Placester has played a large role in our growth and has provided us with an all-in-one solution as we continue to scale.

John Showalter, Director of Technology & Agent Success
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