The best way to get the most of out your Placester subscription and be more successful online

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help. Whether you’re building your brand with a website or you’re delving into online advertising, our team of dedicated Account Managers are here to ensure your ongoing success. Account Managers are experts at Placester that are dedicated to your account and provide a number of ongoing activities to help you get the most out of Placester.

Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide:
  • Ongoing tips & best practices for Placester’s online marketing tools
  • Manages ongoing advertising plays
  • Interprets web analytics and makes recommendations
  • Website maintenance
    • Add your logo
    • Add your site title and subtitle
    • Add your site title and subtitle
    • Add your business or office address
    • Add main agent headshot
    • Add links to your social accounts
    • Change your theme and color pallette
    • Map your URL to your Placester website
    • Change Slideshow images
    • Create new pages of user provided content
    • Configure your menu
    • Set listing filters
    • Add featured listings to your hompage
    • Change the selected search form

Premium Account Management

Need to kick it up a notch? Everything above is included + :
  • Free Placester site setup
  • Website training session
  • SEO best practices consultation
  • Online advertising consultation
  • Lead nurture consultation
  • Social strategy consultation
  • Advanced website maintenance
    • Add your testimonials & create a testimonials index page
    • Add your blogs posts with featured images when provided with content
    • Add your agents and create an agents index page
    • Create area pages and an index page to highlight then
  • Note: Each task is turned around in at most 1 full business day.
    Customers can request up to 2 tasks per business day.

We do not provide the following services:

  • Content creation We don't provide any originaal content for the site outside of what is already included
  • Graphic design We don't create logos, graphics, images, etc.
  • Content optimization Create content by the user is not optimized
  • Images and graphics Additional images and graphics outside of what comes with a website are not included
  • Live updates Our team doesn't go through the site with the customer and make live changes to requests

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