A lot of folks find us through WordPress by downloading our plugin ( Some of them run into problems, and this article is meant to help.

What to do with these Errors?

Our engineering team works hard to make sure that our plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and themes. Even with all our efforts, those that use our software will occasionally run into errors. We try our best to help everyone get setup but it’s just not possible for us to offer support and diagnose issues over phone/email for our free open source WordPress offerings. Whenever errors like these pop up, there are three simple things you can do to get around them.

1. Document the error and send it to Placester

You should first take a screenshot of the error and copy the text. Also outline the plugins, themes and version of WordPress you have installed and activated on your setup. Take all of this information and send it in an email to

2. Deactivate active plugins and themes

Plugins don’t always play friendly with one another. A good way to diagnose issues is to deactivate any plugins that you have added since a clean install and see if they resolve the error. You may also want to switch your theme back to a WordPress theme (2011 or 2010) to check whether or not it is causing issues. If you happen to find the piece of software that is causing you issues, definitely delete it. If that doesn’t work you may want to try a…

3. Clean Install of WordPress

Sometimes deactivating and deleting old software is not enough. Remnants of bad code can be left behind even when you think the cause of your errors has been deleted. The only surefire way of cleaning up your setup is to reinstall WordPress. Sometimes, as in the case of a new site setup, this is possible, other times it is not.

Try our Free Site Builder

Whether or not you decide to use our hosting, we recommend using our free site builder at – this way you can setup a testing site that will clearly and effectively demonstrate the features that we offer. We are also able to offer support and diagnose issues on sites created through our site builder, and even if you choose to setup a site off of our network, you’ll be able see how our plugin and themes behaves on a stable environment, and can look to replicate this on your own hosting.