Sometimes our users can’t find their listings on their site. This article breaks down the best way to figure out why this may be.

The Listing is in my MLS – why isn’t it on my site?

Placester updates IDX data at least once a day. If you have added a listing to the MLS and don’t immediately notice it on your site, don’t be alarmed. You should start seeing the listing the next time the IDX data feed is updated.

Even though a listing may be in the MLS database, it may not be available to be shown on IDX websites. In many cases, MLSs only allow listings with an Active status to appear on IDX displays. If a listing is Pending, Under Contract or Sold, it may prevent the listing from coming through on search. Make sure the listing has a Status that can be shown through IDX.

In addition to Status, you should also see whether or not the listing is approved for IDX display. This approval is made by the agent or broker when adding or updating the listing in the MLS database.

Can Google Maps find the listing?

Every listing added to Placester is verified and geocoded by Google maps. This allows us to plot the listing on a map to shown location specific data on your site. If the listing cannot be mapped, it won’t be added to our system. Most of the time this is due to the address being incorrectly entered. Sometimes, as is the case with new land developments, Google hasn’t gotten around to mapping the specific area. In this case we recommend using an approximate address that Google can find so you can add the listing into the system.

Google Maps Listing

Placester Property Filters

The Placester plugin and themes gives users a great deal of control in filtering the listings that appear on their site. It’s super easy to create a site that is focused on a specific feature/attribute, including but not limited to property type, purchase type and location. You can create sites that target specific areas including neighborhoods, cities, zip codes and more. When these filters are turned on, listings outside of the criteria you have set will not appear.