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Wordpress Admin Appearance Menus

Wordpress Admin Appearance Menus

WordPress makes it super easy to create and use navigation menus on your Placester site. For anyone who is new to WordPress, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide – this goes over the basics of how to create, add to and edit menus. In this article we’ll cover some of these same bases, and will go into more detail about to use menus with your Placester Theme.

Creating a Menu

Most Placester themes allow for the use of multiple navigation menus throughout the theme. The most common setup involves a main, or primary menu at the top of each page, and a secondary or subsidiary menu at the bottom. If you setup with one of own themes with dummy data, menus have been created automatically for you to start. You can use these as is, or can add or rearrange the menu options. If you want to create a new one from scratch, click the + sign.

Once you have decided on the menu you’d like to use, don’t forget to select which menu you’d like to use in ‘Theme Locations.’ Click save and these menus will appear on the front end of your site.

Adding to a Menu

Once a menu is created, pages and links can be added as objects. For adding Custom Links, simply provide the URL you would like to use, label it with the text that you’d like to have appear in the menu and click ‘Add to menu.’

For Pages, simply select the page(s) you’d like to add, and click ‘Add to Menu.’ Once these are added, you’ll have control over how these appear.

Arranging the Menu

WordPress makes it easy to create and arrange expansive menus with multiple pages and links. Oftentimes it makes sense to arrange the pages and links in a specific order, especially if there are many of them on your site. Rearranging the menu is an easy task, and involves dragging and dropping the items wherever you want.If you pull an item over to the right, it will create a dropdown or nested navigation menu that expands to give your site visitors plenty of navigation choices. Once you feel confortable, click ‘Save Menu’ to make sure your changes are saved.