Featuring Listings on your Home Page

Each of our designs allows you to feature certain listings on your home page. Here are the steps you can take to choose your featured properties.

Go to Website Settings >> Featured Listings.


This will bring you to the following search page:


This search is not a way to automate the list of listings that will be featured; rather, it is how you can find the listings that you would like to manually select to feature on your homepage. You might know the specific addresses or MLS numbers of listings that you would like to feature, or you might have a certain zip code or price range that you would like to highlight on your home page.

Once you perform a search based on what you’re looking for, you’ll see the results in the bottom left section. Select the listings you want to feature by checking off the box on the left of each address. Click Add once you’ve made your selections.


You’ll see that the selected listings will move to the Featured Listings column on the right.


These listings will be featured on the homepage of your site. If a listing becomes inactive, it will automatically be removed from your homepage. If you’d like to modify the featured properties in the meantime, you can always return to this screen.