The short answer is no. Over the course of building thousands of websites we realized that custom web design is a black hole both from a financial as well as a time perspective. And once you get the custom design you paid for, the market and the technology is already moving in another direction. The current state of online marketing requires an agility that cannot be accomplished with build from scratch custom. In addition, the rapid evolution of web technologies allows us to deliver themed websites that are faster, more rapidly updated and engineered to handled the challenges of building for a multitude of mobile devices. This can only be accomplished at scale or with the budget of a fortune 500 company. Lastly, by building on the WordPress platform and adding countless customization options, we’ve created a platform where you can take any theme and match it to your brand with just a little bit of WordPress know-how leaving the majority of you budget available for marketing. The reason your launching a site in the first place.