Creating Neighborhoods With Custom Drawn Areas


As noted in several articles throughout our support section, our Custom Drawn Area functionality is a great way to overcome any MLS organizational issues. Typos in your MLS? Want to redefine the boundaries of a particular neighborhood? Do certain areas not exist as neighborhoods or cities within your MLS?

Let’s walk through the steps to create a custom drawn area.

  1. Log into the WordPress/administrative side of your site
  2. Select the Placester tab
  3. Select the “Custom Drawn Areas” option
  4. Zoom into the area of interest within the map
  5. Click the “Create New Custom Drawn Area” button
  6. Drop your first pin on the map
  7. Create additional boundary pins by clicking on the map
  8. Click on the initial red pin to close the polygon

Now let’s walk through saving the custom drawn area.

  1. Provide the area with a name
  2. Select the desired color
  3. Change the “Area Type” dropdown to preference (most often “Neighborhood’)
  4. Select the “Attach to existing area” option
  5. Scroll to the end of the list for the “Create New Area” option
  6. Provide “New Area Name”
  7. Select “Save as Custom Area”

Quick Tip 1 – Use the “Address” box to quickly navigate to a particular area.

Quick Tip 2 – Switch to the “Satellite” view, even momentarily, so that street names load. You can switch back to the “Map” view (if preferred) and the street names will carry over.

Quick Tip 3 – Stick to polygon shapes for ease of use.

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of next steps

Screenshot of next steps