Ultimate Guide to Launching a Real Estate Website 32 pages

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Create a website that folks take action on, not the one they overlook

  • Discover the benefits of a well-designed real estate website

  • Step by step guide on building your real estate website

  • Learn everything you need to know about IDX

  • Your real estate website is more than just an online business card: it’s the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Look at any major brand (real estate or otherwise) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest: there’s always a link back to their homepage.

    Sure, social networks are great for sharing your content and engaging with prospective customers. But buyers and sellers are also discovering you through search, and oftentimes the first point of contact they have with you is your website.

    This guide is filled with expert advice and tips on how to make your real estate website a lead generation machine. Use these best practices to improve your website from start to finish!


  • Carolyn Berk Content Marketing, Placester

  • Matthew Bushery Sr. Content Creator, Placester