Million Dollar Real Estate Marketing Playbook 20 pages

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Everything they didn’t teach you in your real estate licensing classes.

  • Gather the essential marketing tools every successful agent uses

  • Brand yourself to stand out from the crowd

  • Build a long-term business plan and roadmap

  • While the marketing tactics, sales techniques, and industry technology most agents and brokers use to grow their careers and earn that first $1 million are mostly the same, the approach each one takes is unique to their location, strengths, and skill sets.

    One agent may find volume business out in the suburbs to be their most successful route to raking in the big bucks. Another agent may identify vacation properties as the most lucrative segment of their local or regional housing market.

    The point is this: Each real estate pro has a specific formula for success that works for them.

    In this ebook you’ll find insights, information, and advice that can help beginners build a solid foundation for success — and seasoned real estate pros take their sales to the next level.


  • Matthew Bushery Sr. Content Creator, Placester