Create Compelling Content for Real Estate Webinar 51:09 minutes

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Bring value to your online audience with effective real estate content.

  • Create content that addresses your audience’s wants and needs

  • Learn how to make content creation a regular and easy task

  • Discover how gating your content can help you capture more leads

  • By now, you’ve probably heard that content marketing is a must for your real estate website. If you’re stuck on what to write about, or how to connect the dots between a blog post and a new lead, you’ve come to the right place.

    Content creation doesn’t need to be a challenge! Join KW Associate Barbara Woyak and members of Placester’s marketing team as they share vital strategies for content creation in this on-demand webinar.

    Learn how you can effectively use content marketing to attract more visitors to your real estate website. Then, discover how you can turn that traffic into qualified leads!

Webinar Hosts

  • Barbara Woyak Realtor and Consultant, Keller Williams

  • Laura Monroe Marketing, Placester

  • Duncan Maxwell Marketing Research, Placester