Please Note: The Placester API Is Not Available In All MLS Markets. Please contact Placester Support to see if your MLS is accessible via the Placester API.

Please Note: The results of Placester API calls should only ever be used to generate a web page. It is against our Terms of Service to synchronize data from Placester into your own local database. Every search and listing details page, as well as any other use of MLS data should only be dynamic using data directly from Placester’s own infrastructure.

The Placester API is a robust and efficient RESTful API with full access to all of Placester’s features.

The following API calls are documented here. Any API calls not documented here are not supported and may disappear at any time. The API calls documented may also change but if we do, we will document them here and in our Developer Newsletter. To get on the Developer Newsletter, please send an email to