The Featured Listings shortcode is great for getting a quick list together for the home page or a neighborhood page. If you want to combine a search with a list then you want to use the Search List shortcode instead. If you are looking to show a list of listings based on a set of attributes, look to the List of Listings shortcode.

Creating the Featured Listings shortcode

As with all of the shortcodes visit Shortcodes in the Placester plugin. Click the Create Custom Shortcode link and enter a title for the shortcode. Now select the featured listings from the type dropdown.


Featured Listings has a minimal set of parameters. First you can choose the width and height, then click the Pick featured listings button to choose which listings should be shown. You can search for listing in the form above, hover over Preview to see the image, and click Make Featured to add the property to the list.

Shortcode Templates

When you need to customize the HTML output of any shortcode, you need to use Shortcode Templates. The HTML you enter in the HTML section is any valid HTML and will be used for each listing. You can use any of the subcodes on the right within the HTML. See the Shortcode Template guide for more details.

Paste the Shortcode into Your Page

The final step in using a shortcode is to copy the shortcode into the page. For Featured Listings, the shortcode will look something like:

[featured_listings id='920']

though your ID will be different.