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Letter from our CEO

A lot of people ask me why we wanted to build Placester. It's a fair question. There are plenty of options out there for real estate websites. But the problem was that none of the options were right for me.

I was an agent at a small brokerage, and we were struggling to build a brand online. Websites are generally made by developers and designers, not the people who actually need the website to work for their business. We didn't have the resources on staff to develop our website, mostly, because our brokerage needed to prioritize sales. All of the brand and marketing stuff was slipping through the cracks.

So I looked for a better solution.

Unfortunately, what I found was that the website platforms on the market required us to hire fancy designers and developers to build the website we wanted. And once we got the site we wanted, we had to call the developer every time we needed to make a change. Those platforms were so complicated and costly. We had to hire full-time staff to manage everything.

That's why I started Placester.

We built Placester to give brokers, admins, and agents the power to create and manage beautiful custom websites on their own without the need for a developer — and access to hire creative help on-demand to do more when they need to.

We've reinvented the entire experience of creating a custom website — Beautiful design starting points, code-free customization, and an on-demand creative team for hire — so you can finally get the website you want and manage it without the hassle and cost of a developer.

I'm proud to say that Placester is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect real estate website platform to build my brand. And I'm also proud that our 15,000+ customers agree.

Whether you want to create and manage a beautiful website yourself or want us to do it for you, I hope you'll give Placester a try. I'm confident that you'll love it.

Give it a shot, and email me at to let me know what you think.

Matt Barba

Co-Founder & CEO, Placester

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