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About Placester
  • What is Placester?

    Placester is an all-in-one business platform for real estate professionals with beautiful lead capturing websites, lead management, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics, free education and 24/7 support. Placester was founded in 2011 by CEO Matt Barba and COO Frederick Townes.

  • Who is Placester for?

    Placester is for real estate agents, brokers, and brands who want to create an affordable, high-quality online presence and build better relationships with consumers on the web.

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REALTOR Benefits® Program
  • What is the REALTOR Benefits® Program?

    The REALTOR Benefits® Program is the official member benefits program of the National Association of REALTORS®, connecting members with discounts and special offers on products and services just for REALTORS®. Placester is a proud partner in the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

  • Am I eligible to take advantage of the Placester discounts for NAR members?

    As long as you have a valid NRDS ID, then yes! Click here to look up your NRDS ID.

  • How can I redeem my NAR member discounts?

    Click here for details on how to redeem each offer.

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  • How much does a NAR Edition Website from Placester cost?

    REALTORS® are eligible for one free* website from Placester. You’ll have access to all of the features in our NAR Edition (valued at $240 for a one-year subscription), plus an exclusive site theme designed specifically for REALTORS®. *MLS fees may apply

  • Is there a setup fee?

    No, Placester does not charge any setup fees for your website.

  • Does Placester charge for MLS integrations?

    Placester’s IDX listing integration capability is included in all subscriptions. However, some MLSs charge fees to Placester for access to IDX data. In these cases, Placester must pass along a data surcharge. Members will be notified in advance of any new or additional surcharges associated with their accounts. Additionally, some MLSs charge their own setup or annual fees for access to IDX data. Affected members will be billed directly by their MLS for any such fees. Placester serves over 600 MLSs and 1,100 associations, and only passes along a surcharge in about 60 of those cases. You can view current surcharges by MLS in this directory.

  • What additional fees can I expect to pay?

    Placester does not charge any additional or hidden site fees. Members who incur a data surcharge will be notified upon requesting an IDX integration from their Placester account. If you'd like to find out if your MLS has a surcharge for data, check out our MLS directory.

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Site Setup
  • How long will it take to get my Placester site up and running?

    Launching a Placester site is quick and easy. In just five minutes, you can add custom branding, integrate social media, and publish your site live to the web.

  • How much experience do I need to set up and maintain a Placester site?

    No programming skills or technical expertise required. Placester is designed to be incredibly simple for any agent to use.

  • Why is the website free?

    We believe a strong online presence is essential for every real estate agent, regardless of budget, which is why we’ve partnered with the National Association of REALTORS® to bring you this special offer.

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Site Designs
  • What does it mean that Placester’s designs are responsive?

    A responsive design automatically adjusts your website’s content to fit a wide range of devices and screen sizes. That means your Placester site will be beautiful and easy for visitors to navigate, no matter what devices they’re using: laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Can I customize my Placester website?

    Definitely! Placester has resolved the hard decisions for you, and our themes are built with user experience in mind. It’s easy to personalize select elements on your Placester website, including logos, images, contact information, and more. For a list of customizable options, check out the feature list.

  • Are Placester’s site designs search engine optimized (SEO)?

    Yes. Each Placester site is set up for great SEO. All of your site pages are indexable, including the listing pages. You can add meta tags and descriptions on any page you build. These SEO features and options are set up for you right out of the box, so there’s no need for additional plugins or third-party services.

  • None of the slideshow pictures match my area. What do I do?

    Our developers have used default pictures to serve as placeholders only. You have the ability to change the photography to match your personal brand and area. See our Academy article for great ways to get local images for your site.

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MLS Listings & IDX
  • Can I get my MLS listings on my Placester website?

    Yes! Placester supports MLS listing integration via IDX for agents and brokers, allowing your site visitors to browse full MLS listings with details updated daily.

  • Does Placester cover my MLS?

    Probably. We cover 99% of MLS listings. To find out if your MLS is covered, check our MLS directory.

  • How long does an IDX/MLS integration request take?

    Since most MLSs require IDX agreements to be signed between all parties, the IDX approval process typically takes up to 10 business days.

  • Can I see an example of the IDX data for my MLS before I pay for it?

    Placester faces MLS charges each time an agent or broker is approved for IDX data display, and therefore we are not able to offer that view within a free site preview. If you’d like to see IDX in action, consult this example site featuring the exclusive REALTOR® theme.

  • I'm not a member of an MLS, can I still use the site?

    You don’t need an IDX integration on your site unless you want your MLS listings to appear. However, Placester sites are designed to work with IDX, and have built-in functionality that won’t work if not associated with an MLS (e.g. fixed “Search” bars that won’t be able to retrieve listings). For this reason, it is recommended that Placester customers be part of an MLS.

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  • What does Placester’s NAR Edition include?

    Your NAR Edition subscription includes a mobile-friendly website with IDX integration capabilities, an exclusive template for REALTORS®, basic property search, site hosting, and email support. Check out the full feature list for more details.

  • Can I blog from my Placester website?

    Blogging is not included in the NAR Edition of Placester. If you’d like to blog from your Placester website, upgrade to Essential.

  • How do I capture leads with my Placester website?

    You can easily add your phone, email, and social accounts so leads can get in touch with you directly. Upgrade to Essential to provide integrated contact forms and user registration on your website.

  • Can I customize the search forms on my website?

    Placester’s NAR Edition includes an intuitive dropdown search form, allowing visitors to search by city, price range, and number of beds. If you’d like to choose a different dropdown search configuration or access our dynamic map & natural language search options, please upgrade to Essential.

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  • Does Placester host my website?

    Yes, your subscription includes free hosting for your Placester site.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes! While Placester provides a customizable subdomain for free (example:, you can map your own top-level domain, including .REALTOR domains, to your Placester site.

  • Do Placester websites support HTTPS?

    Placester sites do not support HTTPS at this time. HTTPS is a higher level of security typically used on e-commerce sites where billing/credit card information is entered, or sites where sensitive personal information is collected (for example: social security number) -- neither of which occurs on a standard Placester-powered website today.

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  • Does my Placester subscription include support?

    Yes, you can request help from a Placester expert by email seven days a week.

  • Where can I find tutorials for my Placester site?

    For how-to and troubleshooting guides for your Placester site, simply click the “Help” link on your Placester dashboard, or visit our Support section.

  • I'm a developer. Is there a program for that?

    Our developer program is not currently open. Contact with questions.

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