Thank you for using the Real Estate Website Builder Plugin to power your WordPress website. You’re reading this guide because you recently downloaded Placester’s  WordPress plugin and are looking for directions on how to get started setting it up. Placester provides free hosting. You can create an account, for free, here:

Before we get started, I’d like to strongly advise you to host your website with Placester rather then hosting it yourself or through a third party. Here are some reasons:

  • World Class Support – Placester’s team actively maintains the entire network 24/7. If you call in with a question, there’s a dedicated team to help you answer it. If you’re hosting yourself, it’s harder to help (although we’ll still try) since we can’t trace problems or control the environment – preventing them from happening in the first place.
  • Automatic Updates – Placester pushes updates to your website 3-4 times per day, in the background. Anytime an issue is reported or notice, it’s corrected as quickly as possible. These updates are made available to self hosted users however, there is a much longer timeline. Updates to our plugin go out twice a week and updates to our themes go out once a month.
  • Blazing Fast Speeds – Placester’s network powers tens-of-thousands of real estate websites at Blazing fast speeds. The average page load across our network is half a second.
  • Dedicated Engineering Support –  Any time an issue is reported, an engineer can log in directly to your site to witness the issue and confirm that it is fix.  In self hosted situations, you’ll need to manually install the updates and then manually confirm that the issues have been resolved. Our team will do our best to help you, but if you’re self hosting, you’ll need to be part of the process.
  • Hands on training – Sometimes you just need a little help. Perhaps you’re on the road or running around all day and need someone to make a quick fix. That’s easy when you’re hosting with Placester. If you’re not, it’s impossible.
  • Premium Themes – Placester’s premium themes are only available to Premium account holders who host with Placester.

We help a lot of real estate professionals with their websites. As a result, we have this conversation a lot, and have started compiling a list of bad reasons that people tell us they don’t want to host with Placester:

  • You already have free hosting – Hosting is only one feature of your Premium Account with Placester. In fact, since you’re paying for the MLS integration and Premium Theme access, you should absolutely host with Placester since it will be a significant improvement in terms of speed and support.
  • You already paid for hosting – Same reason as above.
  • [Insert Hosting Company]’s hosting is cheaper – If you’re only using Placester for it’s hosting (and not the Premium Themes and the MLS integration) then you’ll likely be over paying.
  • You’d like to write custom CSS – You can absolutely write custom css when you host with Placester!

At the same time, there are also a lot of great reasons for hosting yourself. Here’s a list:

  • You are a developer and need full control over the html – Hosting with Placester does not allow you to have full control over the html. If you’re a developer, and can’t work with just shortcodes, then the only thing you can do is host yourself.
  • You are building a custom theme – If you’re building a custom theme, you’ll need to host it yourself.
  • You need to install a custom theme – If you want to install a custom theme (perhaps one you’ve already purchased).
  • You need complete control over what Plugins are installed – You cannot install custom plugins when hosting with Placester.

If after all this, you’d still like to self-host, then checkout the getting started guide here: