Widgets: An Overview

There are certain areas on pages — usually within the sidebars — that can be customized by adding widgets. Widgets are a great way to add content, features, and certain functionalities to a website without using code.

A lot of our themes also have spaces towards the bottom of the home pages for widgets.

Here is an example of some widgets on our Fremont theme’s home page:


Here are some widgets in a sidebar on a single property page in the Fremont theme:


Each of Placester’s themes has its own set of default widgets that you can choose from. You can check out which widgets are available by going to WordPress >> Appearance >> Widgets.

Here, you’ll see all of the available widgets in the main section of the page, and the different areas that can accomodate widgets in the right column.


Click here to find out how to add widgets to your pages’ sidebars.