What is an MLS integration?

As an IDX website, Placester allows you to download property data from a Multiple Listing Service that you are a member of and display those properties on your website in searches, featured listings, and property details pages. We cover a significant percentage of the United States and Canada’s property listings, and are adding more all the time.

An MLS integration is a process in which we work with you and your MLS to set up an import of updated listings to your website every day. After you complete this import, your listings will be automatically updated as changes occur in the MLS. Once your listings are in Placester, they’ll be ready to be displayed on your website.

Setting up your MLS integration

To request an integration, simply log into your Placester account and complete the form located at: https://placester.com/company/integration

You can also reach this page by logging into your Placester account and mousing over the “Company Settings” menu in the top-right corner, then selecting “Listing Integrations” from the expanded menu that appears. Click on the green button labeled “Import Listings from MLS to start the request form.

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Next, fill out the form. There are five menus or fields to fill out, each corresponding to a number in the screenshot below:

  1. Select your MLS provider from the drop down list next to MLS Name. This is a complete list of all MLS providers that we currently receive feeds from. If you don’t see your MLS here, email us at support@placester.com to find out how we can add your MLS to our list!
  2. Enter your office name as it appears on your RETS server.
  3. Enter your Agent ID.
  4. Enter the email address of your office’s broker in the next field, or your own email address if you are the office broker. Leave this field blank if your office does not have a broker.
  5. Include a telephone number that will allow Placester to reach out to you. We will very likely need to call you to finalize your integration.
  6. Click on the “Create” button to submit your request!

What now?

A member of our Integrations team will reach out to you as soon as possible with information and documentation to get your integration finalized. They’ll help you set up a subscription, which is required to complete your import set up.

Please note that while the request form indicates an import time of 3 to 5 days, this time can vary by MLS and may take longer in some cases.