Setting Up Lead Capture

We understand how important it is for agents and brokers to capture the contact information of prospective clients. That’s why our sites offer built-in lead capture functionality.

To view your lead capture options, go to Website Settings >> Lead Capture.

lead capture drop down

This will bring you to your lead capture options:

lead capture

Lead Capture Settings allow you to decide how proactive your lead capture form will be. You can choose from two options:

1. Passively Capture Leads: Visitors who want to request more information can enter their contact details in a widget located in the right margin of each single property page. For example:


2. Actively Capture Leads: A lead capture form will appear when a visitor clicks on a property page, blocking them from viewing the listing details. Visitors must enter their contact information to move forward and view the property. On our Plymouth theme, for example, the form looks like this:


Once you’ve selected the version of lead capture you’d like to go with, click Save.