Requesting an IDX/MLS Integration

Requesting an IDX/MLS Integration

As soon as you start your premium subscription, you’ll most likely be eager to get your MLS/IDX integration process started to import listings from your MLS. You can request this by logging in to Once you are logged in to the Placester side, hover over Your Name/Manage Account in the top right corner.

Next, click on Listings Integration. Or, skip these steps and go directly to while logged into Placester.

From here, you’ll see a green button: “Import Listings from MLS”

Requesting an IDX/MLS Integration

After clicking this button, you will see a quick form to fill out: 


1. Select your MLS name
2. Enter your Office Name
3. Enter your Agent ID
4. Enter your Broker Email (so that we can get their signature on the form – if it is the same as the Agent email, enter it here)
5. Hit Create!

From here, we will follow up with next steps. This usually means sending the electronic forms over for you and your broker to sign. Once we receive those, we automatically get in touch with your MLS to get their approval. After getting their approval, we can make your listings live!