This article will tell you more about purchasing a custom domain name (URL) to use with your Placester website.

Your Temporary Placester Subdomain

When you create a website with Placester, you will have a temporary subdomain such as Your site will be located at that website address until you are ready to use your own domain.

Users with Existing Domains

Many of our users already own domains from sites such as If that’s the case, it’s easy to point your custom domain to your Placester website. Learn more about doing so here or reach out to our support team at to have a member of our team take care of it for you.

Buying a New Domain

Other users might have had a domain provided by their company in the past. Or, some users are first-time website owners and have never owned a domain.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll want to purchase a new domain. This isn’t something that is provided directly through Placester. Instead, you can purchase a domain elsewhere and then point it to your Placester site.

Recommended Domain Registrars

If you’re looking to purchase a new domain, these are some domain registrars we recommend:




What You Need from Your Domain Registrar

No matter which domain registrar you choose, just be sure that you’ll have access to the DNS settings (both the A-Record and CName) once the domain is purchased – that’s what needs to be adjusted to point the domain to your Placester site. We’ve found that some domain registrars, such as, do not allow you to change both the A-Record and CName, making it impossible to map a domain to a Placester site through 1and1. Or, HostGator and other providers charge additional fees to give you access to the DNS settings.

Our Favorite Registrars

GoDaddy and Hover are definitely our preferred registrars. They provide a simple setup and access to all of the settings you’ll need at low prices.

Choosing Your Domain Name

You can check if a domain name you’re interested in is available here.

Not sure how to choose a domain name? Check out this article from our Marketing Academy that will give you some tips.

If you still have questions about purchasing a domain, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at