If you have a Custom URL that you’d like to point to your Placester site, you’ll want to log into your DNS management platform and change the A-Record and the CName. These can usually be addressed within the Domain Name Systems (DNS) section.
Don’t have a Custom URL yet? We recommend purchasing from sites such as GoDaddy.com and JustHost.com, which offer simple DNS management tools. If you’re looking for some tips while picking a Custom URL, check out our Guide to Choosing the Right Real Estate Domain.

The A-Record should point to:
The CName should point to: domains.placester.net

Once you’ve completed this:

1. Log into the WordPress side of your Placester account
(Forget how to log in? Find out how here)

2. Select the Tools tab

3. Under Tools, select Domain mapping

4. Enter your Custom URL here. Include the “www” when adding in your URL. Example: www.customurl.com

Also, check off the “Primary domain for this blog” checkbox.

**Keep all letters lowercase, and remember the www – this is very important to map your domain correctly.**

5. Click Add, and you’re all set! You may have to re-enter your login credentials on this screen.

As always, if you have any questions or run into any issues along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@placester.com.