A personal touch

Your company logo (or a great title) will be one of the first parts of your website that visitors see. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a title and subtitle to your Plymouth-themed homepage, how to add a graphic logo and – if your logo graphic already includes your company name or website title, – how to hide your title while still optimizing your website for SEO.

Every option in this article is set by clicking on the “Theme Options” left-hand navigation bar in your WordPress dashboard, then clicking on the “Header/Footer” tab within the available Theme Options. The section you’ll be navigating to looks like this:

Uploading your logo

Too add a logo to your website, click on the “Upload” button, located just below the bold Company Logo section heading. Drag your logo file into the drop box or click the “Select Files” button to select your logo image from local folders. This will open a dialog box with a number of image upload options.

The default values for each of these items should be sufficient, though you can resize the image by selecting one of the default sizing options. DO NOT click on the “Edit Image” button to make changes to your image. This overwrites the automatic sizing added by theme settings and can break the way your image displays on the homepage.

Click on the “Use this image” button at the bottom of the window to add your logo, then close the pop-up. Click on the blue “Save Options” button at the top of your Theme Options page. Your logo is now displayed at the top of your homepage!

Your title and subtitle

Giving your website a title and subtitle is important, even if you plan to include the title or your company name as part of your logo. Having a title makes your website more visible to search engines, so you’ll want to make sure to add one. A subtitle or tagline will also help with SEO, even if it is not visible on the homepage. By giving your website a title like “Placester Realty Services” and then a subtitle such as “Find a Great Home in YOUR Neighborhood,” you are providing information for search engines to locate your website and direct traffic to it.

To add your title and subtitle, simply fill out the respective field for each in Theme Options under the Header/Footer tab. Click on the blue “Save Options” button to add both to your homepage.

You may have already uploaded a logo banner, however, with your company name as the website title. Displaying the title and subtitle can be redundant in this case, but it is important to provide the title and subtitle for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Fortunately, we can add the information but hide it with a single check-box.

Hiding your text title and subtitle

Below the logo upload section of the Theme Options Header/Footer page is a section titled Enable Site Title & Subtitle. This is checked by default, allowing the information you have entered to display at the top of your pages, next to your logo. By unchecking this box, you allow your logo or banner to serve as the title of your website. A graphic banner depicting the name of your company in an eye-catching font can replace the standard font of your theme to make your website stand out.