Getting connected with social media

The Plymouth theme allows you to connect your website to many popular social media networks, featuring those networks’ logo icons prominently on your pages. These icons appear in the header at the top of every page on your site, as well as in the footer of each page.

As of this article’s writing, you can add the following social media icons to your website:

What if I don’t use most of those social networks?

You don’t have to display all of the icons listed above on your home page. Perhaps you only have Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and aren’t interested in other social media networks. While setting up the links you do wish to display, which is described below, you can leave all other social media integration fields blank and prevent them from showing up on your website.

How do I add my social network icons to the website?

You’ll start by clicking on Theme Options in your left-side navigation panel, followed by the Social Media sub-tab. The following options will appear and allow you to enter your own information for each:

You can add as many or as few of these networks as you like, as they are not required. When you’ve completed the networks you want to add and removed the Placester demo sites from your settings, click the blue “Save Options” button to complete the update.

Most of the information you will include in the fields above will be URLs for your social media websites. A few examples that do not fit that format are: