A picture is worth a thousand words

The Plymouth theme is designed display large, beautiful images in a slideshow right on your homepage. Adding images to your slideshow is easy, and each image can include a custom caption and a hyperlink to other pages on your site.

You can add up to six different images to your homepage slide show. Keep in mind that high-resolution images (approximately 660 pixels tall and at least 1600 pixels wide) are optimal for use with the Plymouth theme. Smaller images can either be stretched to fit the slideshow or you can turn on a fixed width option. However, neither of these options will make your website look as great and eye-catching as full-sized, high-resolution images will.

How to add images to your slideshow

To add images to your slideshow, click on Theme Options in the left navigation menu, and select the Home Slideshow sub-tab. A page will be displayed that lists slide options for up to six slideshow images, as seen below.

To add a new image to your slideshow, click on the “Upload” button. Drag your image file into the drop box or click the “Select Files” button to select your image from local folders. This will open a dialog box with a number of image upload options.

Use the Full Size sizing option and leave all other options at their defaults. DO NOT click on the “Edit Image” button to make changes to your image. This overwrites the automatic sizing added by theme settings and can break the way your image displays on the homepage.

Click on the “Use this image” button at the bottom of the window to add your photo to the slideshow, then close the pop-up. Click on the blue “Save Options” button on your Theme Options page. You’ve added an image to your slideshow!

Captions and links

Each image in your slide show can include a caption below the slideshow (beneath the layover tabs). Add these by entering the text for your caption in the Slide 1 Caption, Slide 2 Caption, etc. fields, directly below your uploaded image.

You can also include links to other pages from these captions. Adding a link adds the clickable words “Learn More” after your caption and directs your visitors to that page. Enter your link in the Slide 1 Link, Slide 2 Link, etc. fields directly below the caption field. There are two ways to enter your link destination:

  1. Enter the full URL of the page to which you’d like to direct your visitors, including the http:// prefix. For example: http://plymouth.placester.net/blog/
  2. If the page is locally hosted on your website (part of your Placester subdomain), you can link to it by just typing the slug. In the above Blog example, you would simply enter the following text in the field: blog

Repeat these steps for each image you’d like to add to your slideshow, then click on the blue Save Options button at the bottom of the page.