What are overlay tabs?

Three expandable tabs are located at the bottom of the homepage slideshow in the Plymouth theme. These are the Explore tab, the Custom Text tab, and the Contact tab.


2. Custom Text tab

The second overlay tab includes space to display a paragraph or two of custom text, and a link that will direct your visitors to a related web page. Use this to provide a snippet of text or a preview of your About Us, Services, or other informational pages on your homepage.

To edit your Custom Text tab, click on Theme Options, then Home Page. Scroll down to the Tab 2 settings, which look like this:


Populated with the title “List” by default, the Custom Text tab can be given a short, two to three word title such as “About Us” or “Our Services”. Enter the title you’d like to use in the Tab 2 Title field.

When your tab expands, a heading will appear above your paragraph text allowing you to provide a longer, more detailed title than the expandable tab does. Enter your heading in the field beneath Tab 2 Heading.

Next, you will include the main content of the Custom Text tab, which can include a few paragraphs of text of your choice. Type your tab content in the field labeled Tab 2 Text. Simple HTML can be included in the formatting of the text if you desire.

Enter a few words of text that will make up the hyperlink to the page related to your custom text, and enter this phrase as Tab 2 Link Text.

Finally, you’ll need to enter the “slug” that directs to your desired page, which you can get from the URL of your Placester website by navigating to that page. A slug is the very last part of your page’s URL, after the last / in the address. If you would like your link to direct to the “About Us” page at http://plymouth.placester.net/about then your slug would be the word “about” as shown above.

Click on the blue “Save Options” button to submit your changes and update your page.

3. Contact tab

The Contact tab expands to display a simple contact form, from which visitors can send their name, email address, and a message to your primary contact email address. Messages sent from this tab are delivered to the in box of the email address you have set in your dashboard under Settings – General. In addition, these contacts are added as Leads in your Placester CRM at https://placester.com/people

Click on Theme Options – Home Page to set up your Contact tab. There are only three fields to complete for the Contact tab. The first is Tab 3 Title, which should contain a short phrase of two to three words identifying the purpose of the tab, such as “Contact Us” or “Send an Email”.

Your Tab 3 Heading will appear above the name, email, and message fields of the contact tab. This is a phrase of text to further detail the purpose of the tab, and might include text such as “We’d love to hear from you” or “Have a question? Let us know!”

The form built into the Contact tab will not display on smaller, mobile displays. By entering the slug of your Contact page in Contact page Slug for small screens, the method for doing which can be found above, visitors on smartphones and other small devices will be directed to that page to send you a message.