About the Plymouth theme

Plymouth has the distinction of being Placester’s first responsive design website theme. As a responsive design theme, Plymouth automatically adapts to difference screen sizes, which means your site’s visitors will always have a great viewing and browsing experience regardless of the device they’re using. Unlike other mobile-optimized designs, Plymouth doesn’t sacrifice functionality, offering smartphone and tablet users the same client login and rich search experience they get on a desktop site.

Getting started with Plymouth

Let’s take a look at the Plymouth homepage layout and see what setup options are available:

1. Title, subtitle, and logo

Your company name (or site title) and a subtitle are both located at the top left corner of your website. You also have the option of including a logo with your company name (or site title), in which case you can choose to hide the text version. To learn more, check out our Logo, title, and subtitle tutorial.

2. Navigation menu and social media icons

Your website’s main navigation menu is located just above your slideshow, with a row of social media link icons above it. Setting up your navigation menu is identical for all of our themes. Check out our article for adding your social media accounts to Plymouth to select which social media icons will appear on your website.

3. Overlay tabs

There are three expandable tabs at the bottom of your slideshow. The first allows you to feature neighborhoods and cities in your area, the second allows you to add custom text and a link of your choosing, and the third opens a contact form that allows visitors to reach out to you via email. Find out how to set up these tabs in our Plymouth Explore tab and Plymouth Custom Text & Contact tabs help articles.

4. Homepage slideshow and captions

The slideshow is the most prominent feature of your Plymouth website. Up to six images can be displayed in your slideshow, each with a unique caption that includes a link to another page or property listing. Check out our article on setting up your Plymouth slideshow for more information.

5. Quick Search form

Below your slideshow, a search bar allows visitors to search for properties with a specific address, a desired number of bedrooms, or with a price range.

6. Featured cities and neighborhoods

Your homepage can include featured cities and neighborhoods in several locations. Near the top of your homepage (beneath the search bar) the links to these cities and neighborhoods can include thumbnail images that allow you to preview the area.

7. Image blocks section

You can feature specific listings, blog posts, and testimonials in a Pinterest-like image blocks section of your homepage.

8. Video and Testimonials section

This section provides space for you to include a YouTube video and prominently features your testimonials in a two-column section of the homepage. If you don’t have any videos or testimonials, this section can be turned off.

9. Widget columns

Our Plymouth theme allows for three widgets from our selection to be added to your homepage. Such widgets include most recent blog posts, social media posts, and other useful tools for your real estate website.

10. Featured cities and neighborhoods – again!

You can include featured cities, neighborhoods, or both as text-only links near the bottom of your homepage.

11. Footer message

This message, divided into a message and a “submessage” in a smaller font, appears in the footer of every page on your website.

12. Contact information

The footer of each page on your website also includes your contact information: email address, telephone number, and mailing address.

What else is left to do?

With your theme options set up, you’ll want to focus on content next. Have you imported MLS listings or created your own listings yet? Have you created a blog page? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at support@placester.com!