If you notice issues with your site’s IDX, you should go through this quick checklist before reporting the issue to . You can find this checklist below.

Complete and submit required documents

If you notice issues with your IDX, document them in the most detailed way as possible. Remember, setting up IDX is not instant. If you’ve requested a integration, make sure you complete all required paperwork before reaching out to  You should check your email inbox for all correspondence.

Verify your API Key

If your integration was working at one point in time and now you aren’t receiving any listings at all, make sure your API key is valid. Verify that the key that appears on matches the one in plugin settings.

Check your Account Status

IDX is a premium feature – if you have not paid your subscription or if your trial runs out, you won’t have access to this feature. Make sure your subscription is active by going to

Can’t find Listings

If you can’t find a specific listing or group of listings, you may want to check out this article

Everything Else

For all other issues, reach out to for the fastest response possible. Follow the instructions you find here <link to how to write a ticket> and our team of engineers will be able to diagnose and resolve this problem as quickly as possible.