If you’ve gotten to this point, you may have already read and/or – if you haven’t, you definitely should go back and check them out. If you’re still having problems, this article will go over how to fix your settings and get your website functioning the way it should.

The Basics

Make sure you’ve followed all of the instructions. There are three main steps in setting up your custom URL:

1. Set an ARECORD to
2. Create a WWW CNAME to
3. Add the domain in WP Dashboard – Tools > Domain Mapping

Steps 1 and 2 help to point your domain to your Placester site, while step 3 utilizes your chosen domain name. Before going further, verify that you have set the ARECORD and CNAME correctly. Check for spaces, typos and extra characters. Each DNS provider is different, so the interface and way you would manage these records in steps 1 and 2 does vary.

Once you have made these changes, note that you may not see an immediate result. You may need to wait an hour or longer to see the corrections. If you complete steps 1 and 2 without the third, your site may point to the Placester subdomain. This may forward without issue, or you may see a screen like the one below:

Step 3 is the same for everyone who builds a site with Placester – the following screenshot should look familiar.

WP Admin Domain Mapping

Screenshot WP Dashboard

Add your domain after http:// including the www – if your domain name is , you would enter and check ‘Primary domain for this blog.’ When you’re ready, click ‘Add.’