All Placester themes utilize a featured listing function that allows you to showcase listings apart from your site’s general search. You’ll likely encounter the ‘Pick featured listings’ button within the Theme Options table of one of our themes. This functionality is consistent and works in a similar way for both featured listings and the Placester slideshow functionality.

In Theme Options

To begin, click the ‘Pick featured listings’ button

Once ‘Pick featured listings’ is clicked, you’ll be presented with the Featured Listings Picker.

Featured Listings Picker

Featured Listings Picker

The picker allows you to search through all of the listings on your site. You can filter out listings you have manually added, and can even filter down to display only the listings that below to your office. You can preview the image’s listing by hovering on ‘preview’ and when you are ready to add listings, you would click ‘Make Featured.’ Once you have selected the listings you want to show off, click save.

The listings you have selected will now be displayed in Theme Options. To save your changes, don’t forget to click the blue ‘Save Options’ button at the top or botton of the page to make sure your changes are saved.