Theme Options

Just like all great WordPress themes, Placester Themes can be customized. Anyone can quickly pick and change the colors on their site to best match their brand, business or area that they serve. While this can be done when the site is created through the customizer, additional changes can be made through theme options.

To get to theme options, you can go directly to or can click on “Theme Options” in the WordPress admin menu. Once in theme options, you can click on ‘Color & Styles.’

Each Placester theme has its own unique set of color options. Most give you direct control over how to change colors for links, fonts and primary, secondary and tertiary color schemes. To change the color, you can manually enter in a color code, or can use the color selector on the right. In this case I’ve selected a red with the code #c20e0e – to save this, click the blue ‘Save Options’ button at the top of the page, and the color will be reflected on the front of your site.

With a few quick changes to ‘Color & Styles,’ you can completely change a site’s default colors.


Here is an example of our Ontario theme with no color changes.


Here is an example using the red color (#c20e0e) applied across the entire site:

Since color changes like these can be done on the fly, you should feel comfortable trying out new color schemes to see which one works best. You should also check out color picker/matcher tools like this one ( that will give you the exact color codes for the colors that are used in your company logo or color scheme. You can quickly copy and paste them into the theme options to give you a fully-customized color scheme for your website.