Once you have selected one of our beautifully designed themes and added your own content and listings, you may want to tweak the colors to more match your company logo and image. Follow the simple steps below to customize the colors of your website.

Step 1.

To start, select “Theme Options” on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin panel, then choose the “General” tab.

Select the website you want to edit from the list provided.

Step 2.

Select “Theme Options” from your WordPress panel.

Step 3.

Click “Color Styles” and from here you can change the background color for your website. Be sure to click “Save Options” after making any changes.

Step 4.

Also in this menu you will find several other places where you can change the color of the font for text in your website. You can try different color options to see what looks best on your site!

Step 5.

Click the color change icon box to select a color for the corresponding text area. Don’t forget to click “Save Options” before exiting the page.

Step 6.

Click “Visit Site” to view the changes that you’ve made to your website.