Creating a blog for your real estate website can be a great way to promote your expertise and attract new customers. But a blog without great visuals is like a rock band without a drummer – no matter how great the melodiy is, you won’t have people dancing.

Step 1.

To start, select “Theme Options” on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin panel, then choose the “General” tab.

Select the website you want to edit from the list provided.

Step 2.

Within your WordPress Panel click on “Posts” on the left-hand side of the screen and click “Add New”.

Step 3.

Click the “Upload/Insert” button that is above the content area.

Step 4.

From the pop up window that appears click “Select Files” from the first tab to upload a file that is stored on your computer. Navigate to the correct file and submit.

Step 5.

Select how you want the image aligned within the post and select the size that you would like the image to be. Next click “Insert into Post” and then be sure to save your changes.

Step 6.

To add a video go to the site where the video that you would like to include in the post is located. You can use videos located at sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Copy the embed HTML from the video source.

Step 7.

Click the HTML tab from the top right-hand corner of the content area and paste the embed code into your post. Click Publish or Update when you are finished with your post.