Once you’ve created your real estate website, it’s a great idea to add Google Analytics tracking code so you can measure traffic and which content is most frequently viewed.

Step 1.

To start, select “Theme Options” on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin panel, then choose the “General” tab.

Select the website you want to edit from the list provided.

Step 2.

In a separate tab go to Google Analytics and sign in to your account.

Step 3.

Select your account from the list under “Account Home”.

Step 4.

Click the “Admin” tab in the top right corner of the screen. Next click on the “Tracking Code” tab and copy the code displayed under “Tracking ID”.

Step 5.

Click back over to the tab with your Placester WordPress Dashboard open. Then click “Theme Options” on the left had side of the page.

Step 6.

Paste your Tracking ID into the input field under  “Google Analytics Tracking Code.” Don’t forget to click “Save Options”.