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Adding your email, phone number(s) and other relevant contact information should be one of the first things you do with your site. This not only gives prospective clients and leads the best way to reach you, but this information also ties in with links and contact forms throughout your Placester site to drive more lead traffic your way. Most of our themes automatically pull this information from your Placester account, but if you want to update/add additional information, you can do this through theme options (yoursite.placester.net/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pls-theme-options&settings-updated=true).

Theme Options User Info

Theme Options User Info

A good rule of thumb is to fill out all of User Info from the top down. The names, numbers, emails and images will be used not only on the front page, but on widgets and forms throughout the site. Once you have added enough information, click the blue ‘Save Options’ button and page through your website to see where this information appears.

The Agent Page – Ontario & Charlotte

Depending on the theme you are currently using, you may be wondering how you can edit the blank section at the bottom of the page. You may see something like this:

Agent Page

Agent Page from http://ontario.placester.net/

There are two places to look. If you are using a theme like Ontario or Charlotte, you should go to the Agents menu through WP Admin.

WP Admin > Agents

WP Admin Agents

Once you click on the Agents menu, you can either add a new agent, or you can edit the existing one. In both cases you would want to create a title (most likely your name), write a description and choose a featured listing. This featured listing is oftentimes a headshot.

Agent Information

Scroll down to add your email, phone number and title if you’d like to the Agent Information Section on the Agents page.

Don’t forget to click ‘Publish’ when you are finished – now this information will appear on your site.

Agent Info for Bethesda : Theme Options > Home

If you are using a theme like Bethesda, this can be changed by going to Theme Options > Home

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