With an MLS integration, Placester will automatically create neighborhoods and neighborhood pages for your WordPress real estate website. Sometimes you may want to create custom neighborhood areas for your website. With Placester you can draw your own neighborhoods and display them on neighborhood pages on your site.

How do I create my own Neighborhoods?

First login to the WordPress dashboard of your Placester real estate website. If you are unsure how to do this, our help article How to login to your site should help.

Next, from the menu on the left navigate to Placester > Polygon Controls and click the “Create New Custom Neighborhood” button.

Next type and address in the search bar to zoom in on the area that you want to map. When you have found the right area click on the map to start drawing.

Click on the map to draw out the boundaries of the neighborhood that you are mapping.

Once you have finished mapping out the area you can close the polygon by clicking on the starting plot point and then clicking “OK” in the subsequent pop up window.

Now that your neighborhood drawing is complete you will choose a name for your name neighborhood. In this next step you can also customize the interior color and border color of your neighborhood. Choose Neighborhood as the property type and if your neighborhood does not appear in the “Associated Taxonomy” dropdown, choose “Custom” and enter your neighborhood name in the box below in the “Custom Taxonomy Name” field.

In order to display all of your custom neighborhoods that you have draw on your site, you will need create a neighborhoods page. To do this, navigate to Pages > Add New. Next name your page, choose “Neighborhood” as the Template and click the “Publish” button.

To add this page to your site’s navigation check out our help guide How to Customize the Navigation Menu of your Website.

Once the page is in your navigation menu you are finished. Visitors can see all of your custom neighborhoods and click on the the neighborhood to visit a neighborhood page complete with listings in that area.