Once you have set up your Placester WordPress real estate website you can greatly increase the content that you provide to your visitor by adding an RSS feed. This feed will pull in posts from other blogs and make them available to your visitor via your real estate website.

How do I add an RSS feed?

First, grab the link to the RSS feed for the site that you will be pulling blog posts from. It will look something like –

Next, log in to your Placester WordPress real estate website’s admin area. If you are not sure how to do that, this article should help.

Navigate to the Plugin section and find the “FeedWordPress” plugin.

Once you have located “FeedWordPress” click the “Activate” button which appears below it’s name.

Now, navigate to the Syndication section which should now be in your left hand menu. Add your feed url (be sure to use the entire url) to the “New Source:” field and click Add.

Once the plugin has detected and accepted your feed, click the “Use this feed” button.

The best way to make sure your feed is up to date and that your visitors have the newest content is to have the feed check for updates whenever the page loads. To do this navigate to Syndication > Feeds & Updates, find the “Update Scheduling” section and choose “automatically check for updates after the page loads” from the drop down.

That’s it! Now your blog section of your site will be kept up to date with all of the blog content posted to the RSS feed source.

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