Filtering your MLS Listings

Once your IDX integration is complete, all of the listings from your entire MLS will appear on your site. Many users have certain areas within the MLS that they’d like to focus on. Or, they might be limiting their sales to certain property types or prices.

You can narrow down the listings to be displayed across your entire site (within all search forms, featured listings, etc.) under Website Settings >> Listing Filters.


Here, you’ll see a drop down of all of the available criteria you can use to filter down your listings. These may vary based on the fields that are available in your MLS.


Let’s say you only want to feature certain zip codes on your site. Select the “Postal” category and then select the zip codes that you want to limit your site to one by one, clicking Add Filter after each addition.


Add as many filters as you’d like by selecting the appropriate filter category from the first drop down and the filter itself from the second drop down. Once they’ve all been added, click Save to make these settings live on your site.