Creating a Blog Post

To create a new blog post, log into your Placester account to access the back end of your website. Click on the Posts tab here:


You’ll see four sample posts that we provide you with to start. Feel free to edit these using the Edit button or remove them using the Remove button.

To create a new post, click the + sign.


Alternatively, you can hover over the Create tab in the top toolbar and click on Post.


Both of these options will bring you to the post editor page.

post editing options


1. Title: Add your post title here.

2. Slug: Edit the slug/permalink here. For example, you would rather have your blog post URL be instead of, this is where you can make that change.

3. Content: Edit the content of the post here. To change the formatting of text within the body of the page, select text and use the toolbar options:

toolbar editor

You can also add a link, video, or image using this toolbar.

4. Excerpt: Edit the post excerpt here. This is the snippet of text that will appear on the blog index page, similar to this:


When you’re done editing the content of your post, click Save as Draft or Create, depending on whether you’d like the post to be published on your blog page or not.