Adding Social Networks

To add social media links to your Placester website, go to Website Settings >> Social Networks.

Social Networks drop down

This will bring you to a screen where you add your personal or business social media accounts. Only the accounts that you enter will show up as icons on the front end of your site, like this:


You don’t have to use every social media account. If you’re just getting started, you can add them one at a time as you become more active and learn more about the leads you generate from them. We’d recommend Facebook and Twitter to start, as they are the two most popular social media sites.

To enter your social media accounts, go to each of your personal or business profile pages and look at the URL, or web address. Then, copy what comes after the backslash into the space provided.

For example, let’s look at Placester’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest URLs:



The Facebook URL is, so we’ll just need to enter “placester” in the Facebook space.



The Twitter URL is, so we’ll just need to enter “placester” in the Twitter space.



The Pinterest URL is, so we’ll just need to enter “placester” in the Pinterest space.

After entering this information, your setup page should look something like this:

social networks placester

Once you’ve filled in the blanks for your accounts, click Save.

Note: If you leave an account blank, the icon won’t appear on the front end of your site. In the above example, the front end will look like this:


LinkedIn and Google+ links will not be included, since we didn’t fill them out.