Add Pages to Your Menu



Let’s walk through how you can add items to your menu.

First steps:

  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard/administrative side of your site
  2. Select the “Appearance” tab
  3. Select the “Menus” option
  4. Select the tab that controls your header
  5. Scroll and find the “Pages” box (located on the left hand side of your screen)
  6. Select the checkboxes beside the desired pages
  7. Select the “Add to Menu” button

Next steps:

  1. Scroll back up towards the top of the page
  2. Drag and drop the menu items in the preferred order
  3. Select the “Save Menu” option

First time creating a menu?

  1. Select the “Primary Menu” dropdown option (located within the ” Theme Location” box on the left hand side of your window)
  2. Select the appropriate menu title
  3. Select “Save”

Quick Tip – Looking to create a dropdown menu? Just drag your menu item to the right and drop it.

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of next steps

Screenshot of next steps

First time creating a new menu?

First time creating a new menu?