Adding Neighborhood and City Pages to Your Menus


There are two ways to add quick links to listings within a particular neighborhood or city. Let’s start by discussing how you can create menu items directly to your neighborhood and city pages.

  1. Log into the WordPress/administrative side of your site
  2. Select the Appearance tab
  3. Select the Menus option
  4. Ensure you’re on the appropriate tab (Header, for example, to control your Header menu)
  5. Scroll until you find the “Neighborhood” or “City” box (located on the left hand side of your window)
  6. Select the checkbox beside the desired areas
  7. Select “Add to Menu”
  8. Scroll back up to your menu area
  9. Drag and drop the items into the desired order
  10. Select “Save Menu”

Note: Not seeing the “Neighborhood” or “City” boxes referenced above? Scroll back to the top and pop out the “Screen Options” tab (located in the upper right hand corner) to ensure these boxes are exposed.

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of first steps

Screenshot of “Screen Options” tab

Screenshot of "Screen Options" tab


Are you, instead, just looking to direct people to your default search page, but have it pre-populated with listings in a particular area? If so, check out this article on creating “Saved Searches.”