Custom Real Estate Lead Capture Forms Webinar 57:38 minutes

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Take your real estate marketing skills to the next level.

  • Use data to create more effective landing pages and lead capture forms

  • Drive demand by gating the right content on your website

  • Track and score your website visitor activity for impactful lead nurturing

  • Landing pages are one of the biggest drivers of lead generation for most realtors. Although a great source of leads, they are often not optimized to give you the most bang for your buck.

    A well-designed landing page can mean the difference between a casual website visitor and an interested, qualified lead. Join Bob Stewart of ActiveRain for a discussion about how optimized website design and lead capture forms are a crucial part of converting more real estate business online.

    There’s more to effective landing pages than meets the eye! This on-demand webinar will help you master the art of creating valuable website components and content to attract more qualified home buyers and sellers to your agency.

Webinar Hosts

  • Bob Stewart Chief Evangelist, ActiveRain

  • Ian Martins SMB Sales Team Lead, Placester