Boost Your Bottom Line with Modern Technology Webinar 34:44 minutes

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Supercharge your business growth with the right real estate technology.

  • Build strong websites that will earn you more leads

  • Organize and assign leads to your team

  • Equip yourself with software design for team success

  • Tune in to this on-demand webinar, hosted by Atoka Properties Marketing Director Blake Showalter, to learn how she uses Placester’s marketing tools to help her agents earn more leads and commissions from happy customers.

    Explore the many benefits of having a strong website, lead generation strategy, and management tools.  

    Watch this Placester-exclusive webinar to learn the secrets behind using marketing technology to drive consistent success for your real estate business.

Webinar Hosts

  • Blake Showalter Director of Marketing, Atoka Properties

  • Brendan Collins Sr. Account Executive, Placester